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I am Joyce van der Lely, a.k.a. Miss Pippi ;)
Full time mixed media artist-illustrator-designer and tutor

This is my “Angels at my table” site

Here you will find my driftwood Angels that are currently available. I think that everybody needs Angels, the world needs Angels and many of them ! These artifacts travel very well, they are being collected and bless many homes from the North to the South to the East and the West corners of the world.

The first book by a New Zealand author that I ever read before emigrating to this beautiful country was             “An Angel at my table” by Janet Frame. – A truly recommended read ! – At an uncertain time in my personal and artistic life, I found inspiration while strolling along the beach. I started seeing Angels appear from the pieces of driftwood I found, and so I started having Angels at my work table myself. I love having this “drifted” wood art on my table, a gift from the water King I call it, and I like to share some of the good vibes…ah, I just like to make up stories while I am working, I hope you like them too 😉

I’m a Dutchie that emigrated to New Zealand in 1995 and moved from Christchurch to the Bay of Plenty in 2011.

I love to work with Mixed Media because it gives me the freedom to choose whatever medium fancies me at that moment or for that particular project.

My work is probably best described as whimsical illustrative and stylized with little folk art touches.

find more HERE too

I have a quaint little studio in the Historic Village in Tauranga where I teach classes to kids and adults


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